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Headed Out to Sea

Our 16 person ECOGIG science team standing on the bow of our ship just before leaving port. Photo courtesy of Allison Randolph.

Click here for general information about the 2017 Jewels of the Gulf: Deepwater Expedition!

Today marks the first day of our “Jewels of the Gulf” Expedition! After much preparation getting the science equipment and the ship ready to go, we shoved off the dock in Port Fourchon, Louisiana around 3:30pm, headed out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Aboard the ship are 16 scientists and 24 crew, adding up to a total of 40 people aboard the ship. We’ll be offshore for the next two weeks aboard Oceaneering's vessel “Ocean Intervention II” exploring and studying the deep sea. To learn more about some of our researchers, visit our “meet the scientists” post. 

MSV (Multi-Service Vessel) Ocean Intervention II. This 254ft Oceaneering ship is fully equipped with all the gear our team needs to study the deep sea Gulf of Mexico. Photo courtesy of Allison Randolph.

Starting tomorrow morning we’ll be using a remotely operated vehicle, the Global Explorer, to image deep sea corals and their surrounding ecosystems in order to monitor how they are continuing to be affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In addition to imaging the corals, at each study site the ROV will be performing a number of different tasks, from sediment sampling to water collection and more. 

We invite anyone and everyone to tune in to our live YouTube feed broadcasting directly from the ROV while it explores the deep sea. And follow ECOGIG on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates throughout the expedition!

2017 “Jewels of the Gulf” expedition map. Tonight we leave Port Fourchon, Louisiana and will visit each one of the light blue study sites depicted in the map.


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