2017 Southeastern Biogeochemistry Symposium

2017 Southeastern Biogeochemistry Symposium

March 31, 2017

ECOGIG is a sponsor of the 4th annual Southeastern Biogeochemistry Symposium at UGA, March 21-April 2! This is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students, graduate students, post docs and faculty members from the southeast to present their latest biogeochemistry research. This year's symposium is organized by students from the Department of Marine Sciences at UGA, including ECOGIG students, and has a record number of presenters!!

The symposium will consist of a keynote address, research presentations from students and post docs, and two poster sessions. Attendees have research fields related to biogeochemistry, including geobiology, ecology, environmental engineering, geochemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, geology, oceanography, and astrobiology.

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