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Dr. Samantha Joye

Dr. Samantha JoyeProject Director
University of Georgia


Dr. Joye holds the Athletic Association Distinguished Professorship in Arts and Sciences in the Department Marine Sciences at UGA. She is a microbial geochemist by training and her expertise lies in quantifying rates of microbial hydrocarbon metabolism and environmental geochemical signatures in natural environments. Her group has developed new methods and technologies that permit quantification of microbial processes under quasi in situ conditions. She has studied Gulf of Mexico natural seeps for 20 years and has tracked the environmental fate of oil and gas released from the Macondo blowout since May 2010.

Research Themes

Biogeochemical Studies

Microbial Community Dynamics






Students and Post-Docs

Barron, Colt

Choi, Hannah

Dorhmi, Nora

Fields, Lindsey

Harrison, Sarah

Herschede, Sarah

Malkin, Sairah

Montgomery, Andy

Nigro, Lisa

Pena-Montenegro, Tito

Rogener, Mary-Kate

Shepard, Cathrine

Sibert, Ryan

Vizurraga, Anna

Zhuang, Guangchao


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