2012 Falkor Cruise: FK06b

ECOGIG cruise aboard the R/V Falkor

University of Georgia Post Doc Sara Kleindienst (middle) and PhD student Maggie Esch (left) are part of the twelve-person science team on the first leg of the Falkor cruise. Here they are pictured with Beth Orcutt (right), a senior research scientist at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. (Image by Debbie Nail Meyer, Schmidt Ocean Institute)

The November, 2012, ECOGIG research cruise aboard the R/V Falkor has been successfully fulfilling its mission to study the repercussions of the Macondo blowout on Gulf of Mexico benthic ecosystems. Below are some blog posts with pictures from the cruise taken by Debbie Nail Meyer (of Schmidt Ocean Institute, owner and operator of R/V Falkor and contributor of the operations of R/V Falkor, all of its embedded equipment, ROV Global Explorer MK3, as well as the associated technical and logistical support for this ECOGIG research cruise).

Departing Pascagoula, November 6

Equipment Testing and Calibration, November 7

Diving for Deep-Sea Corals, November 8

Lander(er) Ho, November 9

Detecting Oil from Sky and Sea, November 10

Mucking in Mud, November 11

Planning on the Fly, November 12

Deep-Sea Corals Under Stress, November 13

Diving on the Megaplume, November 14

Landing the Lander, November 15

Percolating Seeps, November 16

Deeper Corals, November 17

OC26 Lander Recovered, November 18

Completing the Lander Leg, November 19

Leg 2 Underway, November 20

Collecting Corals, November 21

Monitoring Corals Impacted by Oil, November 22

Deep-sea Surprises, November 23

Hydroids on Corals, November 24

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