Educating the public about our research and its relevance is of crucial importance to the ECOGIG program.

The mission of the ECOGIG Education and Public Outreach (EPO) Program is to inform broader audiences about what the ECOGIG consortium is accomplishing and learning, why it's important, and how our results make a key contribution toward understanding and protecting the Gulf of Mexico specifically and ocean ecosystems in general.

We accomplish our EPO mission by executing a coordinated set of outreach and communications activities that target a variety of audiences with messages that inform download fonts, educate, and inspire them about ECOGIG research, the Gulf of Mexico, and ocean sustainability.

Our EPO activities have clearly defined objectives, target audiences, and intended impact. As we plan each activity we strive to understand our target audience and identify the best way to reach them. We aim to improve with each passing year by evaluating our activities with a critical eye on whether we have done what we set out to do.

The best way to stay informed about our activites is to follow us on social media and check out the news feeds on our website. We love sharing our work with you!


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