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Dr. Erik Cordes

Dr. Erik CordesPrincipal Investigator
Temple University


Dr. Cordes has nearly 20 years experience with deep-water corals and hydrocarbon seep communities and has worked primarily in the Gulf of Mexico for over 10 years. His research focus is on the ecology and physiology of these specialized habitats and the interactions among these fauna and biogeochemical processes. Of his 29 publications, 19 are focused on the communities of the deep Gulf of Mexico, and he has participated in 15 research cruises to the Gulf (3 as Chief Scientist) using 5 different RVs, 3 different ROVs, and 3 different HOVs (30 dives), as well as the AUV Sentry.

Research Themes

Megafaunal (Coral) Ecology, Genetics & Proteomics


Students and Post-Docs

DeLeo, Danielle


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