Deepwater Horizon Accident - Impacts on the Gulf

  • Herald of the Sea
    Oysters are a crucial species that clean our waters and protect our shorelines. Oyster populations were hit hard by the Deepwater Horizon accident and the potential for future spills leaves them vulnerable. Video courtesy of Southern Exposure.

  • Holy cow moments
    Before the Deepwater Horizon accident, Dr. Samantha Joye made numerous dives to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Each trip was filled with wonderment and “holy cow” moments as she witnessed an underwater world teeming with amazing life. Video courtesy of Dispatches from the Gulf, Screenscope Films.

  • Where did the oil go?
    Five years into the Deepwater Horizon disaster, leading scientists tell NRDC science scribe Perrin Ireland what happened to BP's oil and what they know about its impact on the Gulf. Video courtesy of NRDC.

  • Black and blue: Beneath the oil disaster
    A half-hour documentary exploring the work of Dr. Samantha Joye, as she and other researchers document and study the impact of the BP oil blow out in the Gulf of Mexico. Video courtesy of University of Georgia.

  • Hidden oil and gas plumes in the Gulf
    Will the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico create dead zones? Video courtesy of the National Science Foundation and Science Nation.

  • Dispatches from the Gulf
    "Dispatches from the Gulf" is documentary showing how scientists confront the challenges of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The documentary also investigates the impact of the event on the ecosystems and communities along the Gulf of Mexico. Video courtesy of Screenscope Productions.

  • Dr. Samantha Joye's expectations for the Gulf
    Dr. Samantha Joye talks about what she expects to find when she returns to the site of the 2010 BP Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, in the submersible ALVIN. This will be the first time researchers visit the bottom of the Gulf since 2010. Video courtesy of the University of Georgia.

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