2014 Pelican Cruise #2 (PE 14-20)

R/V Pelican

Research vessel: R/V Pelican
Dates: 5/1/2014 - 5/6/2014
Port: LUMCON- Chauvin, LA
Chief Scientist(s): Dr. Arne-R. Diercks

Purpose of cruise: ECOGIG researchers will recover and re-deploy two mooring arrays that have been deployed in the Gulf for over a year. These arrays have been collecting material that is settling through the water column. Time series collections of this material are stored autonomously in individual cups over the time of the deployment, and will provide information about the composition of the material, its origin,  and whether it came straight from the surface or was first deposited on the ocean floor and then re-suspended into the water column by currents.

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